3 Life Lessons I Learned From My Parents

They love to tell you what to do. You hate to admit it, but you also tend to be a lot like them. You probably look exactly like one of them, too. Yes, I am talking about your parents. My family can be dysfunctional and sometimes, I hate them very much. But a lot of times, I love them. When I sit back and really think about what my parents have done for me, I see how much love and sacrifice that have put into my sisters and me. I’m so grateful for everything they’ve done and given to me. They’ve also, knowingly and unknowingly, taught me a lot that has helped me in my life.

1. Good is not good enough.

Say whaat?! Yeah, it’s true. My parents were never satisfied with the work I produced. It never made them happy. It was frustrating. For some odd reason, I have this incurable need to also please them. This sounds really negative, and sometimes it can be unhealthy, but it also really pushed me. They weren’t the kind of parents who gave out participation awards to everyone. They knew that to be a winner, you had to win. My parents pushed me to be better, to strive for more, and know that I could have more. It’s a high expectation to have, and it can contribute to my perfectionism, but it’s never a bad thing to set high standards for yourself.

2. You Have to Make Sacrifices To Have Your Dream

Man, this one took me a long time to realize how many sacrifices my parents made in order for their dreams of me having a good life could come true. My mom took 9 years to finish her bachelors because she had me. And when I refused to sit in the day care for 8 hours a day (evident by the excessive crying for 8 hours), my mom quit her day job and stayed at home for me. Then, when she felt like we were old enough, and knew we needed to make a financial change, she went to pharmacy school, 300 miles away. In that time, she also worked to pay our bills and try to mother us. IT WAS HARD. It was hard on me, my sisters, my dad and my mom. But we made it through, and now she is a successful pharmacist. She’s living her dream, and I’m so proud of her for it.

3. You Must Work Hard For Everything.

My parents were immigrants. They didn’t come here with very much. And now, my mom makes some good money. But this didn’t happen because life just handed it to her. My mom worked extremely hard. Like I said in my last point, she had to make some really big sacrifices. It took her 9 years to get through her bachelors. She studied pretty much day and night to ace her exams. Pharmacy school was intense. She did well because she worked really hard. If you think that you can just be handed a good education, trust me, that’s something you’ll have to work for.

Growing up with Generation Y, I had the expectation of instant gratification. It’s only natural since we literally have the world at our finger tips (I’m referring to that box we call a phone). But I also have learned that the things that I have achieved, I’ve worked hard for. Sometimes, I work way too hard. That’s just me going back to setting such high expectations for myself, but it’s extremely important to know that most of the world isn’t going to be like Kim Kardashian. We’re not going to become famous because we had sex and everyone saw it. I, honestly, hope that never happens to you.


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