How I Can Help YOU Achieve Your Goals This Year

Hey Guys, I’m currently in Denver, getting my learning on at the Alliance Management Institute, exploring more about the Nonprofit sector, networking, etc, etc. It’s been a blast so far, and I have been vlogging, so I will share it with you next week!

During one of my intriguing conversations, Alex, a spunky, driven, inspiring fellow student asked me, “So what are your goals this year, Cynthia?” Jokingly she added, “I need a 5-year and 10-year plan.” This threw me off guard because, one, it’s not something most people ask in casual conversation, and, two, because I have been talking about my plans a lot for the year, but no one has really explicitly asked me. I jokingly replied with, “I’m just trying to graduate college this year.” And that was it about my goals.

As our conversations continued, I started talking about my internship and I quickly said, “Yeah, I’m going to Mexico a few times and then Kenya in June for mission trips.” Alex stopped me and said, “Okay, throw that in all casually.” Then I started elaborating and talking more in depth about my plans and goals and steps I was going to take to achieve them. In the end, I realized, I didn’t want to talk about it more because I felt like I had been talking about it too much. When I said that, another student, Lindsay, a quiet,yet insightful person, said, “That’s how you achieve your goals! You tell people so they become more and more likely to happen. I watched it in a Ted Talk.”

That really resonated with me. I have been starting and restarting blogs for the past 4 years, trying to figure out what to write about and why I was writing. One of the big reasons why I started a blog was to talk about my life and hopefully inspire people to do something. And as I grow older, I keep learning about what I want people to do.

So my plan is to share with you my goals, and with your help, I can achieve them. WAIT, WHAT? Yes, you have an important part in getting them done. Not only do I need you to read these posts, but I need your help sharing them, commenting on them, and telling me about your experiences.

What Lindsay said is true; the more people I tell, the more likely it’s going to happen. And here’s how this will help you: Let me be your accountability partner. Sign up for the email list and comment below your goals. Make your goals specific, and achievable. If you want to lose weight, tell me how much weight you want to lose and when you want to lose it by. Keep them flexible, so that they can be changed, and practical so you can actually do them.

Here’s what 2017 looks like for me:

My word/theme for 2017 is BALANCE. The first half of 2016 was me doing a lot of nothing. Realizing that, I spent the last half of 2016 doing a lot of everything. I realized, in order for me to feel really good is finding the medium and getting balance in my life. As a result, I’ve decided to select 3 main focuses this year: Jesus, Friends/Family, and Health.

My faith and trust in God is ever-growing. I’m learning just how much he plays a role in my life and just how much I need him. As my relationship with him grows, I learn more about myself and just feel at ease with what is to come in the future. It’s not that I expect the future to be easy for the rest of my life, but it’s that I know that as long as I trust in him and do his work, God will have my back. It’s honestly one of the most freeing feelings.

Friends and family have always been very important to me, I usually say. But in my actions, I don’t know if that was necessarily true. Because I had spent a good chunk of my adult life engulfed in the boy I was dating, I never put in time and energy in friends and family that I need in my life to support me. As 2016 was a year I spent more time with them, I only hope to grow deeper relationships with my loved ones this next year.

Lastly, my health. To live a long a prosperous life requires taking care of yourself. When you stop doing that, it can be really hard to do anything really. I had gained a good amount of muscle in 2016, and I really liked it. But towards the second half, I got so busy, I stopped working out and eating as much. I’d like to gain the muscle back and feel strong again. It’s very empowering and it seems like more of my friends are working out more too!

So, these are some of my goals based on what I just discussed:

* Read the Bible every day. Result: Reading the entire Bible in 2017. I’m using the Bible app that has a daily plan! Join me in reading it!
* Go to 3 mission trips planned for the year: Mexico in February, Mexico in April, Kenya in June.
* Gain 10 more pounds by the end of January! I’m currently 110, and would like to be 120!
* Work out with a friend or family member at least once a week.
* Go on an adventure with someone I love once a month.
* Blog or Vlog once a week.

I have some more goals, and I think I’ll make a page on my site that goes into detail about what they are. Please help me stay accountable by subscribing to the email list (On the sidebar), commenting below, or emailing me at I’d love to hear what you guys are doing and what your plans are for the year. I want to help you achieve your goals, so let me know how I can help!

Happy New Year!!